Discoveries of a Wiser "Now" Woman

Being loving, kind, and taking time for ourselves....what a novel idea!  C'mon ladies, you know sometimes it seems impossible, selfish, and a pipe dream. Today, I am a wiser "NOW" woman. My part of loving and accepting myself is a continual awakening of my own needs and giftings in this stage of my life. I have undergone a transformation of renewing my faith in God's unique design of Linda Rossetti Brocato. I realize my personality is different from say - my husband's.  He is the people lover....people energize him.  I love people, also. But my personality type needs peace and quiet (at times) to be refreshed and restored. It helps fuel my creative side. Once upon a time, I tried to keep up with him and that was pure foolishness! I realized that we balance each other.  I have become a (semi) social butterfly, especially during book signings, and he enjoys relaxing, restoring times. I am like Ivan the Giraffe in my children's book, Ivan Becomes a Hero. I am finding self- acceptance from God and appreciation of how he designed me. I was made with such love, care, reverence, and a divine plan. Does that sound haughty?  I have Good News! He did the same for you!  My transformation included faith in the goodness of God's Sovereign Plan.

Here's a question for all of us to ponder: Why do we give OTHERS who are hurting or wounded tremendous compassion; yet, we do not give much thought to offering mercy to ourselves?  We need to be our own best friend. Best friends give out compassion, tenderness, and understanding to each other, especially when failure, disillusionment, embarrassment, and shame brings confusion.  Are you getting my point?  You are so "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14) by a loving Creator who wants you to respect yourself.  I have found respecting myself means making time to enjoy studying the Word of God (my Bible), and most of all keeping my relationship with God fresh.  It is important to laugh, play, fellowship with friends and family, dream, write, share, and get out of the mundane rut we find ourselves in sometimes.  It also means recognizing when to slow down and being attentive to our bodies' signals to rest.  I am a wiser "NOW" woman!  I like the way that sounds instead of a wiser woman now.           

The truth is I can walk away, in a sense, from people who make me feel uncomfortable, but I have to "live" in my own skin 24/7. It is hard to love MYSELF until I have discovered the freedom to permit love, kindness, thoughtfulness, forgiveness etc. to be released to MYSELF ---- first. Radical idea?  Not is wisdom.  In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 22, verses 35 - 39 it reads:  "And one of their number, a lawyer, asked Him a question to test Him.  Teacher, which kind of commandment is great and important (the principal kind) in the Law?"  And He replied to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (intellect). This is the great (most important, principal) and first commandment.  And a second is like it: "You shall love your neighbor as (you do) yourself."    

At times, we become absorbed in our roles and begin to wear masks to be accepted.  We try to please and jump through hoops for fear of disappointing or letting people down. We compare ourselves and come up short. Of course, this means something different to each of us. Hopefully, we figure it out by God's grace. However, there are consequences for letting others' words and actions control us. Our families, jobs, friends, careers, educational opportunities, church duties/responsiblities (yep, church duties), and ministries are important, but if we are not being refreshed - we can not refresh others.  (This ultimately includes men, also!)  We can all become "people pleasers" and not "God pleasers" if we are not careful.   In doing so, we reap an injustice to ourselves and to the One who lovingly created us.

I think you know by now that the reason I am passionate about this is because I experienced being "burned out" and sick due to what I have written to help you.  (Please visit my website and watch the short videos that tell my life story.)   I am so appreciative for LIFE and the dawning of a God given gift to be a children's author. What a joy to be with children and teach outside the classroom as I had to medically retire 10 years ago. What a marvelous plan God had to allow me to still teach children through my book!  I am so thankful.  I hope you realize how valuable and treasured you are. Are you getting a glimpse of being "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made By God For A Special Purpose"?  You really, really are! 

Linda Rossetti Brocato/Brocato Publishing/Touching Hearts....Changing Lives  February 7, 2013 

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