In the South, it's all about hospitality.  Guest are welcomed with open arms and immense pleasure as sweet, iced tea or rich, hot coffee and tasty desserts made lovingly by hand make an appearance with bountiful accolades.  At least, that was my Italian cultural experience!

Imagine for a moment, my delight as I welcome you into my "blog parlor" with an embrace right from my heart ... as I WRITE FROM THE HEART. I will share my life-not only as a writer-but as a wife, mother, grandmother, elementary and reading teacher, friend, and overcomer (Watch the Fox News video/ About Us).   

What motivates me to shed my fears and dare to write for hours with great anticipation? I love the memorable movie, Chariots of Fire. It is about the inspiring, true story of Eric Liddell, one of Britian's finest athletes. He stated: "When I run, I feel HIS pleasure!"

To be honest, when I write, I feel HIS pleasure!  Writing is my joy and gift to you. Remember, I am learning along with you.

Today, take a break, give yourself permission to relax. You will find encouragement and hope for life's sudden detours, disappointments and tremendous trials. Let's bask in the laughter, adventures, surprises and love that come our way making life a worthwhile, exciting journey. I have learned to celebrate and live in the moment, one day at a time, surrounded by God's amazing grace and powerful love. 




Just Off The Press

August 16, 2011

Congratulations Linda! Epic results are in for The USA News "Best Books of 2011" Ivan Becomes a Hero — honored as an Award Finalist in Children's Religious Category. Ivan Becomes a Hero received judges' critiques from Benjamin Franklin Award in Three categories…

Video Featured on Homekeepers

June 29, 2011

Check out this video featured on the Homekeepers Show.