Busch Gardens Serenghti Experience

Busch Gardens Serenghti Experience was such a delightful event.  I was blessed to share it with Frank, my husband, plus

our little grandchildren: Rachel and Julia.


It was a very hot summer day.  Frank and I were as excited as the grandgirls as we had anticipated this treat for awhile.

Tampa was hit with a bad storm that week so we were not positive the Serenghti or Busch Gardens was open to the public.

Waiting on pins and needles, Michele, our host and friend, phoned that it was a GO! We were ready.


All of us (including visitors from other states) were loaded onto a Serenghti open truck.  The storm had left the roads a little

rough but no one complained or cared. The drive to the scattered and gathered animals was eye opening as large and small

giraffes and zebras ignored us and happily enjoyed their wide open space. All of the other animals roamed undisturbed also.

The tour guide stopped the truck in the midst of the giraffes.  We were given lettuce to feed the brave and super friendly

giraffes who approached the open bed truck to snack on our offerings.  It was an exciting first hand experience of feeding

and gently petting the long giraffe necks.


Our friend, Michele, was gracious to treat us to this wonderful event. I would recommend this personal tour of Busch Gardens

Serenghti to everyone regardless of age.   Because I love giraffes and have researched many resources to learn about them

for my children's book, Ivan Becomes a Hero this was an enjoyable and grand time for me! Thank  you Michelle!  

For more details about my experience please see my  BLOG - Busch Gardens Serenghti Experience.  

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