Victorious Life Church Home Schooling Event

Ivan Becomes a Hero Book Reading/Speaking/Signing
November 13, 2012

President Candace Miller and I met this past summer to plan an event for their home schooling parents.

On Tuesday morning, November 13, I read Ivan Becomes a Hero to the children with their parents and answered questions about the writing and publishing of my children's book. I gladly signed and personalized all books for the children. The giraffe plush was a big hit also for interactive play.

I love reading and writing! That night, parents attended my featured event to learn about Encouraging Children to Write Creatively. I shared from my heart, as a Christian, private and public school teacher.  I included my research (M.S. degree in reading) findings on how to make writing fun, interesting, and relevant to children. I shared as a mother and grandmother. Thirty minutes turned into an hour as questions were answered and comments shared. Book signing held for the parents. 

Author's Note:

I am grateful for this time with home schooling parents as I highly respect what they do.