Victorious Life Church Homeschooler's Fair

Victorious Life Church Homeschooler's Fair

Author Linda Rossetti Brocato was priviledged to be a part of Victorious Life Church Homeschooler's Fair.

This was an avenue that the author has desired to broaden Ivan's message to all children.

The reception to Ivan's life messages of being "fearfully and wonderfully" made (Psalm 139:14) by God for a special purpose, self-acceptance and celebrating differences by using them as strengths was embraced with hope and encouragement.    

It was a sweet and enlightening night as parents shared how delightful Ivan Becomes a Hero was to them with its mural, brightly colored illustrations and how Ivan's messages touched their hearts. This was a book they would be happy to add to their curriculum or library.     

New homeschooling president - Candance Miller - offered another invitation for November 13 for Linda to read to children/book sign at 10 am and later, to speak to parents at 7 pm on How to Encourage Children to Write with book signing afterwards.

Great anticipation shared by all.