Ivan Becomes a Hero / Chapel Speaker / Book Signing

Bayshore Christian School
March 8, 2013
Tampa, Florida
Author Speaking and Book Signing

I agreed to speak at their  chapel service at 9 am  for the elementary students (kindergarten through fifth grade). The teachers gave out their weekly awards for children showing kindness, helpfulness, etc. This was a great lead in for  Ivan's character traits of kindness, courage, forgiveness, and obedience. I spoke on three things: children ARE heroes too vs. bullies, never give up on God given dreams, and Psalm 139:14 ~ "being fearfully and wonderfully made" by God for a purpose. Also, I spoke on self-acceptance and celebrating differences.

Mrs. Bailey, the elementary principal,  was a joy to work with and the children loved Ivan and his positive message of hope against the negative effects of bullying.  A great shout went out as we read the last page of Ivan Becomes a Hero together where Ivan declares -"I Like Being Me!"         

Author's Note:

A big thank you to all the staff especially the media specialist who read the book to the elementary school the previous week in preparation for book signing.