Dayspring Academy 1st - 5th grade

Dayspring Academy
First to Fifth Grade
New Port Richey, Florida
Author Speaking and Book Signing
September 27, 2014

Author speaking to the 350 children from first to fifth grade not including parents and teachers.  I spoke about the book's messages of self-acceptance, celebrating differences and being "fearfully and wonderfully" made for a purpose.  I spoke on dreams and how it took me 12 years from time I received the inspiration to time I actually held the first book in my hands. I spoke on courage in the midst of bullying and like Ivan in the book to believe in yourself and who you are. Kindness, leadership. friendship and love were some of Ivan's strengths. We talked about heroes and how every child could be a hero to other children. I mentioned that children can be heroes not just adults like police officers, fire fighters, etc.

The children gave a thunderous roar and applause for Ivan and me before and after the talk.

Author's Note: 

I was invited along with my husband to watch a dance performance, work with children at lunch time and play the Hidden Heart Game in the book's illustrations, have lunch with the principal and assistant principal, meet the sweet staff, and book sign all the books for the children to bring home that afternoon. What a gracious school and staff!