Dayspring Academy

Dayspring Academy
Little Scholars/kindergarten
New Port Richey, Florida
Author Book Reading and Book Signing 
October 3, 2013

What a precious group of kindergarten children I met at Little Scholar's Kindergarten.  I don't know who was more excited them or me!  I read my children's book and they were attentive. We talked about the book and then they were given time to ask questions. I had fun answering their very insightful questions.

Author's Note: This was a special time for me as I love the sparkle in children's eyes and the delight in my heart as I read my Ivan Becomes a Hero children's book. The principal and parents who listened to our event were complimentary.  One child raised his hands and looking at me intently asked this question: How do you know there is a God?  I repeated the question to buy a minute because I wanted to answer where he would understand. I replied, " When I wake up in the morning and see the sun and the sky and at night the stars and moon, when I see the mountains and oceans, all things created way bigger than me and when I look at this group of children and see how precious you are -- I know there is a God bigger than anyone and No Man or Woman could do all that."  He looked satisfied with my answer.  I love children and their innocent hearts.