Lowry Park Zoo and Wild Wonderland

Tampa, Florida
Book Signing
December 21, 2013

It was our last Wild Wonderland night at the zoo before Christmas.  Frank and I worked from 9 am to 11 pm which included our set up and take down time.

We set up in the morning at Safari and moved to Wallaby Station for the night adventure. Someone picked us up at our car and helped us unload to the golf cart to Safari in the morning. Then at 5 we were moved to Wallaby - all without leaving Ivan behind. Great day! We spent 6 amazing weeks of book signing and sharing Ivan with over a thousand people. Grateful and appreciative and celebrating this open door.

Author's Note:

God gave us grace and strength and I gleaned from people 's excitement for my book. So Frank and I worked with joy as we celebrated with the crowd. We met so many people and appreciated each one individually as they purchased the book or just wanted to have their children listen to the story.