Tampa Bay Christian Academy

Tampa Bay Christian Academy
April 15, 2013
Author Speaking and Book Signing

We had sent pre sales sheets home to parents so they would be aware of the author speakings and book signings. I spoke to younger children first and later in the afternoon, I spoke to the upper elementary grades.  Children recognized me from our appearances at the zoo and other community events.

One child had her own book and followed the book reading.  I spoke on bullying, also. Then we had a time of questions and answers. One little boy in the front row raised his hand up high with such excitement.  He said, "You won an award!  There is a gold seal on your book."  I was surprised he noticed and explained that God had allowed Ivan Becomes a Hero to be honored with the USA Book News- Best Books/Award Finalist recognition.

Author's Note: I am always thrilled to be the "author"  in the midst of children.  I want to be a positive role model who leaves an impression that with God all things are possible.