Learning Express Toys 2014

Hyde Park - Tampa
Outdoor Festival
February 2, 2014

I met Susan the owner of Learning Express Toys at the zoo when I was book signing.  She purchased a book and then invited me to book sign at their outdoor festival on February 2, 2014. When Frank and I arrived the street was blocked off by Tampa Police Officers. This was a huge fair …huge!

We were helped by her assistants to set up and we were off and running! The weather was so pleasant after our “winter” bout of cold, dampness, and rain. I know- I know! Florida is not cold. There were crowds of people, especially families with children.

Ivan is going to Ireland soon with a precious couple who purchased the book for an autistic child who will love the book. I am excited about that but I am always excited when a child receives my book.  

Author Note:

Thank you Susan and assistants for your kindness to us. Your invitation was the perfect beginning for 2014 and Ivan Becomes a Hero.  We are blessed to participate with the most thoughtful people all these years as we bring Ivan’s message to children’s hands and hearts.

We are thankful to God.