Lowry Park Zoo Book Signings-March to June 2014/November to December 2014



March 2014 to June 2014 and November 2014 (including Black/ Blessing Friday and Saturday) through December 2014 including a couple of Wild Wonderland Saturdays for 14 hour days. Frank (my husband) and I have had amazing adventures this year.

Lowry Park Zoo opened its wonderful doors to Ivan Becomes a Hero in the spring of 2011. Our first Easter season, as I book signed, book talked, and formed strong relationships, Frank and I knew in our hearts that God had opened this door for us. We love the staff, especially Kim Gefre, who has been our biggest supporter. She believed in Ivan Become a Hero right from the start.

We have met visitors from all over the USA and the world; we have seen the joy and amazement on their faces. I think you would be shocked at the respect the community and the outside world has for this interactive, spectacular zoo. The visitors share their experiences and joy with us as we greet them with Ivan Becomes a Hero in hand. The responses to our book in the past three years have overwhelmed and encouraged us as children and adults readily caught our passion for the life message of being "fearfully and wonderfully made by God for a purpose" from Psalm 139:14. On top of that, we have heard hundreds of reports of encouragement and hope as children's lives have been and are being shaped with Ivan's additional messages that deal with self-acceptance and "celebrating differences".  In case you are not familiar with my book, Ivan Becomes a Hero, deals with combating bullying and rejection, not in a harsh way, but in a way that is relevant and uplifiting to children and adults. The spectacular oil paintings and the Hidden Heart Game are extra icing on the cake. For me, as a children's author, this kind of support reignites my passion and purpose with each visit  We are incredibility grateful for this opportunity of a welcome mat and open door to present Ivan Becomes a Hero.  


We are thrilled to present my brand new softcover book: The Story of How Ivan Becomes a Hero Safari Coloring Adventure (with drawing pages). The purpose of publishing my first softcover book with drawing pages was  to present the story in an interactive way. On the drawing pages, children may write, draw or talk about who their heroes are, how they are heroes, and the experience of writing  letters to Ivan about "being fearfully and wonderfully made", choosing their favorite characters and other fun activities. 

Children will enjoy the new, interactive softcover book as the  inside front cover has a colorful display of all the characters from the award-winning, hardcover book. The back cover inside page has a colorful, giraffe spotted page with Giraffe Fun Facts. All may enjoy these fun facts that I gathered at the zoo and through research. I believe children  will have fun with the entire book as I published it with the heart of a mother, grandmother, teacher and author!

See www.brocatopublishing.com/store for Ivan plush also. 

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